Interactive programs for children birth through grade 5

Designed for Parents and Kids

Hill Kids follows the THINK ORANGE philosophy where the home represents yellow and the church represents red. Combine these two together and you make orange! We believe that a child's home life and church life are both important in creating a strong foundation of faith, and that both serve as safe places for kids to be introduced to Jesus and discipled as they grow. 

Safe Environment

Your kids' safety and well-being are important to us! Hill kids is a safe and nurturing environment. We have a check-in system with parent identification tags and all of our volunteers have passed a background check and have been trained through the Ministry Safe protocol. 

Learn about Jesus

With the help of the Orange Curriculum, kids will learn that Jesus loves them and wants to be their friend, and what it means to be His follower. We aim to teach the bible in exciting and interactive ways that will make learning about Jesus fun and memorable!


Ages 0 - Pre-K


Kindergarten - 5th Grade

For more information about our Hill Kids ministry, you can contact Jeneane Tolley at jeneane.tolley@cityonahillmd.org